August 21: Sun

In the States, there was a total eclipse of the sun today. In England, it was just a normal day.

August 20: Uniforms

Today I spent the day working at the TASIS Picnic selling £417 worth of used uniforms. All at £1 each. That is a lot of clothes!

August 19: London

After a day with SarahSo on a Brunel walking tour and visiting the RA Summer Exhibition, we went to the theatre.

August 17: Goldfish

Sidney has seen a lot in her 17 years and she is not at all impressed by Buddy the Goldfish.

August 15: Corn

My most recently planted vegetables are looking so happy!

August 14: Tower

We enjoyed our final day in Paris – a climb up the Eiffel Tower, a picnic in the park, and shopping, all on a beautiful day!

August 13: Studios

We spent the day at Walt Disney Studios and then came back to Paris for sushi and frozen yogurt.