August 24: Practice

After a day of work (oh and a bit of colouring with Maddie on a blanket in the garden) it’s nice to hear Rich practicing the guitar.

August 22: Paddington

I went in to London to meet my colleague and friend Ed for lunch. Tonight Rich, Maddie and I picked apples and I combined them with blackberries we picked yesterday for a blackberry-apple crisp.

August 21: Ankerwycke

We went to Ankerwycke to pick blackberries and wow, were they amazing. While there we hunted for some geocaches that eluded us before and found three of them! Very clever.

August 20: Books

We went shopping in Guildford and between WHSmith and Oxfam I seem to have amassed a new pile of reading material.

August 19: Tech Camp

I went into London to meet Colette for lunch and came back out in time to see what Maddie was learning at her touch typing / tech camp.

August 18: Contemplative

I actually had a really productive and fun work day but only took one set of photos and they were all of Sid!

August 17: Salad

After a fun morning run with Helen, I worked from home. I was super productive and made myself a delicious salad for lunch.


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