September 27: Celebrating

Today Richard and I took a day off and went to Pennyhill Park, which is one of my favourite places, to celebrate 14 happy years of marriage.

September 26: Relaxed

Sidney looks how I hope to feel after Rich and I go to the spa tomorrow! We are celebrating our 14th anniversary.

September 25: V&A Museum

We met our friend Sean, who was visiting London with his family, and went to the V&A, where there were some cool projects running as part of the Design Festival.

September 24: Theatre

Richard and I are in London seeing No Man’s Land with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

September 23: Walk

Between my morning run with Richard and my gym class, I walked into Egham across the meads.

September 22: Goodbye

We finished our development program very successfully in Belgium and I flew back to London.

September 21: Sunset

Finished a second successful work day in Belgium on a very special day of the year.