October 27: Morning

I had an early morning meeting before a short run with Rich to Egham. We didn’t exchange contracts on the house again today.

October 26: Frustrating

We spent the day expecting and needing to exchange contracts on our house sale/purchase but it didn’t happen. I don’t know why today’s photo is of Sidney except she stayed home with me while I wasted time trying to get all the stars to align.

October 25: Windsor

Today I started my day with a fun walk / catch up with my friend Kathy, followed by a run and lunch in Windsor before an afternoon in the office.

October 24: Chertsey

After school today Maddie’s clubs were cancelled because the rest of England is on half term holiday, so we went on a walk around our soon-to-be new stomping grounds!!

October 23: The Next Step

We are in Hammersmith taking Maddie to The Next Step dance tour.

October 22: Election

Richard and I spent the day preparing to move and doing paperwork. I tracked down a duplicate ballot to replace the one that didn’t arrive and voted in the US election.

October 21: Home

It’s great to be home! Rich and I started our day with a run at Savill Garden.