April 17: Hike

Today we went for a family hike on the Salisbury Plain and saw fields of dandilions.

April 16: Easter

Started the day early with a sunrise church service on abbey green, then had a very nice afternoon eating roast lamb and hiding / searching for Easter eggs in the garden.

April 14: Garden

We spent a bunch of time in the garden today. I’m loving this Spring weather!

April 13: Day Off

I had a brilliant day with Maddie, shopping and swimming in Guildford. It’s nice to be back home and see all the flowers coming out in the garden too!

April 12: Final Day

Today was the last day of the event I was running in France. I’m really pleased with the outcomes from it – I love my job!

April 10: Campus

I am working with a client this week who have an extensive learning campus outside Paris. Very nice venue!

April 9: Paris

I’m back in Paris for a few fun days of work with a great group of people!