November 1: Dogwalking

On late start Wednesday, we now collect our hot chocolate and take Willow for a walk.

October 31: Halloween

We had three groups of trick-or-treaters come to see us at Curfew House.

October 30: Willow

We have a new dog! Welcome lovely Willow!

October 29: Friends

Maddie and Ankeeta are still great friends.

October 28: Party

We held our annual pumpkin carving party today.

October 27: Preparation

Today was all about pumpkin party prep!

October 24: IOD

I worked from the IOD in London today.

October 23: Luigi

Rich and Maddie are assembling the fake LEGO sets I brought them from China.

October 22: Heathrow

Back home! It’s possible I have posted twice today. The day seems to have lasted forever and the 13 hour daytime flight was unending!

October 22: Airport

I bought a strange tasting hot chocolate while waiting for my flight home.