June 14: Blackwell

It’s hard to choose a photo from our adventures in Cumbria today. We visited Dove Cottage (home of William Wordsworth) in the morning and then went to Blackwell this afternoon. Both were excellent.

April 11: Louvecienne

It was another great day in France!

March 28: Cycling

I got out my bike for the first time in ages and rode it to school to collect Maddie, then ran next to her while she cycled it home. Fun times on a gorgeous day!

March 17: New Dawn

Today I was lucky enough to get a little private tour of Parliament and saw this amazing light sculpture installed last year to celebrate the suffragettes and votes for women movement.

March 16: Another Day

I am nearing the end of a good stint in Westminster and am so grateful for my mother-in-law Meg, who has really come to the rescue all week.

March 25: Morning

It was another sunny March day in London.

June 13: Nature

It’s day four of our trip and we have reached Cumbria. We have a Redmond ancestor from here from the late 1400s, but we don’t know much detail so this part of our trip is more focused on culture and the gorgeous Lake District. We visited the homes of Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin today.