August 12: Marikki

It was Marikki’s birthday and we were lucky enough to spend it with her, three years after she lived with us in England. Happy birthday Marikki!!

August 10: Weekend

We kicked off our long weekend with Marikki in Paris!

August 9: Office

It was a rainy work day!

August 8: Pears

I spent today editing a book chapter, which was a nice change of pace.

August 7: Stuffed Squash

With an over-abundance of summer squash that took on massive proportions, we have become creative in the kitchen. Tonight: Sliced into rings and stuffed with a Greek lamb and rice filling. Plus a side of home grown runner beans!

August 6: Evening

After a day walking the South Bank in London, we came home to our peaceful garden.

August 5: Grapes

We spent the day weeding and working in the garden. I wonder how we will know when these are ready?