New chapter in the same bad book

We are apparently starting a new chapter in the Covid fight today, one that involves ignoring the situation, getting on with life and letting some people die.

This week Richard and Maddie watched Eternals – the new Marvel movie on Disney+ and last night they spent half of our distanced outdoor meal complaining to each other about it. There were plot holes, inconsistencies and illogical decision making. Why did she do this? What was the point of that?

I was a bit lost as they described the scenarios to each other, having not seen the movie, but it didn’t matter because I know this movie. I’m living it. Why would we relax restrictions in the UK while our Covid rates and hospitalisations are still so high? What does the government expect people who are clinically vulnerable to do if they relax rules and stop free testing? How can we live our lives when they aren’t willing to pay for treatments that could provide us with protection?

I know the answers to these questions but I don’t like them. It’s a bit like the movie – I’m guessing the inconsistencies in Eternals were caused by budget constraints and bad leadership.

It sounds familiar.


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