Photos through a zoom lens

This is my amazing girl and today is her last day of 10th Grade. I stopped by the garden on my morning run to take photos of her before she got on the school bus. Distanced and masked, I watched her smile at me through the camera.

It has now been ten months — the whole school year— that I have been living in a flat on my own so my daughter could attend school in person. I can scarcely believe we have survived so long in this situation. Day after day I think it can’t go on. Ten months of texting her goodnight. Ten months of awkward chats over FaceTime. Ten months missing violin concerts, meeting her friends, hugs.

With a prophylactic monoclonal antibody to protect me like a vaccine should, I could have lived safely at home with my family. But while 25 other countries are offering Evusheld to their immunocompromised and vulnerable populations, the UK government isn’t funding it. At least half a million people like me are putting lives on hold as we try to keep safe and alive.

We need Evusheld now.

I need it now.


2 thoughts on “Photos through a zoom lens

  1. Oh my goodness – that is too long. What a sacrifice so that your daughter can have an in-person school experience! I hope that the funding and decisions change.

    1. Thank you— we hope so too. I’m back in the flat again with the start of the new school year and it’s so sad.

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