I’m worried Charles IV is dying

Sometime in 2020 Richard took over caring for our house plants. He rounded up the few we had dotted around the house, repotted them, and started looking after them properly. Maybe it’s the app he’s using or maybe it was … Continue reading I’m worried Charles IV is dying

Calm before the storm

The last time I felt this sense of foreboding I was 13 and sitting in a Middle School biology class with Mr Shoemaker. It had been a stormy morning and the wind gusts had been causing the school windows to clatter. We were Kansas kids, so we knew what it meant when the winds died down and the sky turned green.  For months now, I have been lonely but not afraid. I knew what to do to keep myself safe and endured that to buy time while they developed better treatments and the UK decided to pay for vaccine alternatives. … Continue reading Calm before the storm