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I started a mid-year resolution in 2010 to listen to a TED talk at the start of each work day. I decided to start this with a colleague at a conference on Friday and lo-and-behold, on Day 1, the most recently published TED Talk  was by someone I used to work with. I don’t manage to listen every day but here is the record of those talks I’ve listened to, both TED and otherwise.

Date TED Talk Speaker Topic Favorite?
28 June Hillel Cooperman Lego for Grownups (6 mins)  
29 June Peter Tyack The Intriguing Sound of Marine Animals  
30 June Dan Gilbert Why Are We Happy? Y
1 July Jill Bolte Taylor Stroke of Insight  
5 July Bill Gates Mosquitoes, Malaria and Education Y
6 July Stefan Sagmeister On What He Has Learned (6 mins)  
7 July Steve Jobs How to Live Before You Die Y
8 July Ellen Gustafson Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue  
12 July Becky Blanton The Year I was Homeless  
13 July John Underkoffler Points to the Future of UI  
14 July Hans Rosling On Global Population Growth Y
15 July Daniel Kahneman The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory  
26 July The LXD In the Internet Age, Dance Evolves …  
28 July Graham Hill Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian  
29 July David Hoffman On Losing Everything (6 mins)  
2 August Joseph Lekuton Tells a Parable for Kenya (6 mins) Y
3 August Lewis Pugh Lewis Pugh’s Mind-Shifting Mt. Everest Swim  
11 August Eddi Reader Sings “Kiteflyer’s Hill”  
12 August Simon Sinek How Great Leaders Inspire Action  
9 Sept Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity Y
10 Sept Itay Talgam Lead Like the Great Conductors Y
11 Sept Derek Sivers Keep Your Goals to Yourself (3mins)  
12 Sept Laura Trice Suggests We All Say Thank You (3 mins)  
20 Sept Jonathan Klein Photos that Changed the World Y
23 Sept Steven Johnson Where Good Ideas Come From Y
24 Sept Julian Treasure Shh! Sound Health in 8 Steps (7 mins)  
27 Sept Christopher deCharms Looks Inside the Brain ( 4 mins)  
30 Sept Hans Rosling Shows the Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen Y
14 Oct Melinda French Gates What Non-Profits Can Learn from Coca-Cola Y
24 Nov Dan Pink The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us (not TED but good 10 min video) Y
2 Dec William Ury The Walk From "No" to "Yes" Y
31 Dec Raul Midon Plays "Peace on Earth"  
10 Jan Derek Sivers How to Start a Movement  
12 Jan Neil Pasricha The 3 A’s of Awesome Y
12 Jan Jody Williams A Realistic Vision for World Peace  
14 Jan Barry Schwartz Using our Practical Wisdom  
14 Jan Diana Laufenberg How to Learn? From Mistakes  
17 Jan Hanna Rosin New Data on the Rise of Women  
17 Jan Deborah Rhodes A Tool that finds 3x More Breast Tumors, (and why it’s not available to you)  
25 Jan Jeff Hawkins How Brain Science Will Change Computing  
25 Jan Eric Berlow How Complexity Leads to Simplicity  
1 Mar William Kamkwamba On Building a Windmill Y
1 Mar Ben Saunders Skis to the North Pole Y
1 Mar Richard St. John 8 Secrets of Success Y
4 Apr Richard Maddocks ONTPLOOING (not TED but great 6 min)  
8 June Ron Gutman The Hidden Power of Smiling  
11 Aug Sheryl Sandberg Why we Have Too Few Women Leaders Y
29 Nov Brene Brown The Power of Vulnerability Y
29 Nov Stefan Sagmeister 7 Rules for Making More Happiness  
29 Nov Annie Murphy Paul What We Learn Before We’re Born  
16 Jan Tyler Cowen Be Suspicious of Stories  
26 Jan Sebastian Wernicke 1000 TEDTalks, 6 words  
10 Feb Neil Burgess How your Brain Tells You Where You Are  
8 April Sherry Turkle Connected, but Alone?  
18 April Tim Ferriss Smash fear, learn anything Y
1 May Gary Hamel Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment  
23 Oct Richard Banks Why People Film on their Phone in Concerts (not TED but great 11 mins) Y
8 Apr Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir Live  
12 June Andrew Solomon Love, no matter what  
3 Dec David Steindl-Rast Want to be happy? Be grateful  
2 April Pico Iyer Where is home? Y
2 April The Sagan Series The Pale Blue Dot (not TED, good 3 mins)  
15 April Shawn Achor The happy secret to better work  
24 Nov Derek Sivers Weird, or just different?  
25 Nov Kare Anderson Be an Opportunity Maker  
6 Jan Carol Dweck The power of believing you can improve  
13 Jan Larry Smith Why you will fail to have a good career  
21 Jan Various The Year in Ideas  
21 Jan Kate Matsudaira My favorite productivity tips (not TED but useful video from my fave kickstarter)  
22 Jan Barry Schwartz The paradox of choice Y
22 Jan Dan Ariely Are we in control of our own decisions? Y
26 Jan Dave Coplin Re-Imagining Work (not TED, but great) Y
5 Feb Brian Welle Unconscious Bias (again, not TED but really great) Y
24 Feb Roselinde Torres What it takes to be a great leader Y
23 Mar Lizzie Velasquez How do you define yourself?  
19 Jan Margaret Heffernan
Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work

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