me&my:365 salutes

  Who I appreciate, respect, remember, or am thinking of today:
1 Richard Banks (holidays)
2 Samantha Terrell (poetry)
3 Stephanie Markstein (school photos)
4 Heidi Herb (friendship)
5 Arielle and Mackenzie Markstein (One Direction)
6 Steve Cline (birthday)
7 Raleigh Peters (job)
8 Michele Evans (holiday greetings)
9 Michael Kimmijser (sympathy)
10 Kathleen Holmes (engagement)
11 Sarah Simpson (upcoming birthday)
12 Mary Klayder (introduction)
13 Mom and Dad (upcoming anniversary)
14 Douglas Sutherland & Kaori Miyamoto (visit)
15 Amy Roraback (hello)
16 Lainie Ehmann (family photo)
17 Rodney Peters (birthday)
18 Jo Dargue (sympathy)
19 Sarah Sosiak (update)
20 Kerry Johnson (baby)
21 Jennings and Sterling (IKEA)
22 Sandy Peters (IKEA)
23 Amy Roraback (hugs)
24 Sarah Banks (toolkit)
25 Lindsay Burford (30 years)
26 Lila Westreich (success and thanks)
27 Lain Ehmann (compass)
28 Rodney Peters (cathedral)
29 Claudia Toth (hello)
30 Ana White (new home)
31 Raleigh Peters (spy glasses)
32 Sterling Terrell (happy day)
33 Rodney and Sandy Peters (sympathy)
34 Danielle Lewis (Pooh)
35 Robin Wilson (Jayhawk)
36 Phil Sands (recovery)
37 Fleur Pelly (support)
38 Helen Miller (partnership)
39 Sara Lane (dedication)
40 Sarah Banks (four-leaf clover)
41 Amy Roraback (Anne Boleyn)
42 Alice Lock (birthday)
43 Sambin Sharma (qpr)
44 Rodney Peters (Norman churches)
45 Claudia Riccomango (wedding bells)
46 Giorgio Gabrielli (doctorate)
47 Joshua Terrell (birthday)
48 Abi Eckett (marriage)
49 Bram de Vries (tulips)
50 Raleigh and Laura Peters (housewarming)
51 Els Van de Water (tunes)
52 Hilary Sands (may flowers)
53 Holly Marklyn (mindfulness)
54 Laura Peters (compass)
55 Amy Roraback (anchor)
56 Tina Solomon (reading)
57 Simone Pilgrim (exams)
58 Andreas Sattler (baby)
59 Rachael Lyonette (JellyCat)

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