December 31: Family

We had a new year’s eve wander around Savill Garden. Happy 2015!!

December 30: Homeward Bound

We went to Greenwich to the market and to see the Cutty Sark.

December 29: Arrival

Mom and Dad arrived from the US and we had another Christmas evening with them.

December 28: Game

We enjoyed playing this game of Outburst from the 1980s.

December 27: Quiet

We had a laid-back Saturday at home with a short walk into Windsor.

December 26: Boxing Day

We went into Swindon today for a fun day at the outlets and took advantage of the Boxing Day sales to buy some new jeans for Maddie.

December 25: Santa

Santa came to our house.

December 24: Castle

Windsor Castle was quiet on Christmas Eve and we enjoyed our tour through the State Rooms.

December 23: Haircuts

Maddie, Marikki and I all had appointments at the hairdressers today.

December 22: Westfield

Simone looked after Maddie while Rich, Marikki and I enjoyed lunch and a movie at Westfield Mall.

December 21: Parties

Meg hosted her annual Sunday Before Christmas lunch, and we went from there to see old friends Charlie and Suzanne.

December 20: Party

Today was Maddie’s 9th birthday party. It was Christmas themed this year and lots of fun.

December 19: Gardening

Maddie wanted to use the greenhouse so we went this morning to the garden centre and she bought some plants with her pocket money. We also had a fun lunch there with Kathy.

December 18: Eight

Today was Maddie’s last day as an eight year old.

December 17: Teddy

Anna and Alma came over for the afternoon and Anna brought Teddy, whom she is looking after over the Christmas holiday.

December 16: Pen Licence

We had a big day with Marikki doing a dance performance, Maddie getting her Pen Licence and all of us going out to a concert at Windsor Castle this evening.

December 14: Frosty

After a morning in Windsor, we spent the day in London at the South Bank Christmas Market.

December 13: Sidney

The lights went out on our Christmas tree so we had to take everything off of it and start again. Sidney adopted the tree skirt while it was waiting to go back on.

December 12: Dr Banks

It is nativity season and Maddie’s was today. She was the doctor.

December 11: NCT

We had our annual NCT Christmas Night Out!

December 10: New

Maddie now has a 1/2 size violin!

December 9: Blue

We spent some time at Riverside in a meeting with our builder, where our floor is blue with new insulation.

December 8: Ballet

Each term, we get invited to watch one of Maddie’s ballet classes. It’s fun seeing her improve year over year.

December 7: Boxes

We wrapped a lot of boxes today but I didn’t have the heart to use this one, as it has become Sidney’s new favourite place.