I aim to do 50 of these things before I turn 50. Obviously this list is still under construction. Feel free to send suggestions!

1 Publish a book
2 Run a marathon
3 Climb a mountain
4 Visit India
5 Finish a needlepoint
6 Build a house  8/15: Our rebuild of 36 Riverside counts
7 Buy an Airstream
8 Drive across America
9 Buy a convertible car 7/11: Proud owner of a new Fiat 500c
10 Hire a personal trainer 6/12: During Maddie’s swimming class
11 Go on a mother/daughter holiday with Madeline
12 Take Madeline to see The Lion King 11/11: Attended a matinee show!
13 Visit Pompeii 4/16: Part of our Amalfi trip
14 Take a trampolining class
15 Make a Swedish Christmas tree
16 Start a club  1/15: Brigidine Running Club
17 Write a book on resolutions
18 Publish a cook book
19 Plant a vegetable garden 6/11: Finally a successful garden!
20 Own a summer cottage
21 Run a small business  12/14: Be Leadership Ltd
22 Serve on an advisory board 6/11: Emerging World 6/12: WIAL Nigeria
23 Attend TED
24 Renew our wedding vows with a big celebration
25 Show Maddie how to catch fireflies  7/15: in Republic, Missouri at family reunion
26 See the aurora borealis
27 Go to Lapland
28 Walk Peru’s Inca Trail
29 Own a city bike with a basket 7/13: Thanks Richard for the bicycle basket!
30 Go to a dude ranch 7/11: Visited Tumbling River Ranch
31 Have a tea party 7/11: The Mad Hatter’s variety!
32 Start my own company  12/14: Be Leadership – what an amazing adventure!
33 Own a canoe 7/11: Bought an Old Town Discovery!
34 Walk in a parade
35 Attend the Olympic Games 7/12: London 2012 Women’s 10m Diving and Football (Gabon v South Korea)
36 Create a basic family tree 8/13: On paper, but complete for Richard’s family and mine
37 Go on a family walking holiday  4/16: Positano trip
38 Own a VW camper van
39 See the Olympic Torch 7/12: Watched the Torch in rainy Egham
40 Sing songs around a campfire
41 Go Christmas caroling
42 Travel to the rest of the 50 States
43 Run 500 miles in one year 10/12: 508.74 miles as of October 29th
44 Go to another Formula 1 race
45 Take Madeline to Disney World 4/12: Visited Disney World in Orlando
46 Teach Maddie how to cook
47 Return to Finland  3/14: For Jali’s funeral
48 Study Finnish again 1/13: Attending 2013/2014
49 Become a competent pianist
50 See the Royal Family 6/12: The Long Walk, Ascot Week
51 Organize a fundraising event 3/13:
52 Run a half marathon in London 10/12: Nike+ Run to the Beat
53 Host an exchange student  8/14: Marikki Nyfors!

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