October 7: Windsor

We ran in Windsor and Eton this morning before a day in the garden.

October 6: Leaving Gressy

I took a picture of the cherub in my shower before checking out of my room, because each morning it made me smile.

October 5: Running

I ran 10K today. The first 5k was in the morning. The second was in the afternoon during a downpour.

October 4: Food

We ended our day today with a three and a half hour meal.

October 3: Gressy

We continued our work in Gressy today.

October 2: Gressy

Day one of our workshop this week in Gressy, France. I started it with an early morning run.

October 1: Busy

It was a busy day with a run in Chertsey this morning while Rich did the Palace to Palace bike ride, then some leaf raking with Maddie before my flight to Gressy in France. Spotted this in my run.

September 30: Fair

We went to Carter’s Steam Fair – such fun.

September 26: Offsite

I worked with a great group of people today, in a room with an incredible view over London.

September 26: Run

We ran first thing and then I worked all day while we had our chimneys swept.